Our Programs are our Purpose

Our programs are based on a simple principle – through sustained mentoring programs providing a wide range of enrichment and personal development opportunities, young people realize their potential. Over twenty-plus years of service our model has proven to be successful. The 100 has been recognized by Presidents of the United States, foundations, school systems, business and community leaders, and grateful parents, for its leadership in creating, implementing and promoting mentoring as a critical transformative vehicle in the lives of youth.

The aim of STEM The 100 Way is to provide numerous STEM outreach and educational opportunities to students in acquiring basic laboratory techniques, learning data acquisition and organizational skills, understanding methods of data analysis and interpretation, and developing writing skills to generate research conclusions.

We develop programs that address the economic underdevelopment of the African-American community. Our signature program is Dollars and $ense. 100 BMGWDC recruits students from local high schools to participate in a 12 week financial education course.

The 100 Black Men of Greater Washington, DC (100BMGW) began implementation of the Youth Movement in 2008, developing a partnership with local middle schools that encompass school’s entire student body from economically disadvantage regions of the District. YM program provides certified nutritionists to teach strategies and techniques to students about healthy eating and nutrition.  YM introduces certified physical trainers into the schools to teach fitness training.

The program is designed to develop youth into leaders by inspiring them to identify personal goals and build action plans to achieving them. As a SLA participant, students will grow and develop through challenging individual and team activities that feature both fun and educational field trips and provides opportunities for students to engage in community service.

We Know Our True Purpose
No one has ever become poor by giving

100 Black Men of DC’s programs are our cornerstone.  Our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of our youth, because we believe that what they see is what they’ll be, and through our programs, the 100 intends to make a strong, positive impact that will last a lifetime.  We are an organization of intention, filled with men who care and realize how important our work truly is.  We ask for your support so that we can do this critically important work.

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