The STEM The 100 Way Academy was created to provide hands-on STEM programs and activities to youth traditionally underrepresented in hi-technology fields.  The program has long-standing partnerships with a number of world class STEM organizations and institutions, and provides program participants exposure to cutting edge training and technology from a variety of STEM disciplines.  

All components of the program are based on proven STEM methods, processes, and systems, and are conducted by 100 Black Men members that are highly qualified STEM professionals, educators, and mentors.  A number of external STEM organizations provide supplemental educational opportunities to complement our work.  The end goal is to prepare our mentees to successfully compete for academic scholarships, internships, and apprenticeships, and to be prepared for entrepreneurship and STEM careers in the future.

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100 Black Men of Greater Washington, D.C. is a non-profit volunteer organization created and run by dedicated Black men committed to the education and advancement of youth of color.  We recognize our responsibility to step up to make a difference in the lives of children in our community, and we hope that you will to. 

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