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Signature Programs

STEM "the 100 way"

The STEM The 100 Way Academy was created to provide hands-on STEM programs and activities to youth traditionally underrepresented in hi-technology fields. The program has long-standing partnerships with a number of world class STEM organizations and institutions, and provides program participants exposure to cutting edge training and technology from a variety of STEM disciplines.

Saturday Leadership Academy

The content of the Saturday Leadership Academy focuses on public speaking, presentation skills, leadership development, team work, financial literacy, and health & wellness. Mentees are asked to research specific topics and develop a 2-3-minute presentation to share in front of their peers and mentors. The program encourages the students to research facts, develop their own perspective, develop well-reasoned arguments to persuade and influence others, and to present them with confidence.

Nissan Resume Challenge

The Nissan Resume Challenge is an annual competition that only six out of one-hundred-and-ten 100 Black Men chapters are invited to participate in. It is focused on teaching our mentees how to develop a high-quality professional resume, and preparing them to effectively communicate their knowledge, skills, and abilities with confidence and poise in an interview setting.

Wells Fargo Hands on Banking

The Hands On Banking program has proven to be an easy and enjoyable way to teach and learn the essentials of financial education: the basics of bank services, the importance of saving, smart money management, using credit responsibly, investing, wealth building, and more. Whether it’s opening a checking account, avoiding identity theft, paying for college, applying for a credit card, or starting a small business, the Hands On Banking program provides real-world knowledge and skills that everyone can use.

Pathways to Success

100 Black Men of Greater Washington, D.C., in collaboration with Wells Fargo, continues to expand its Economic Empowerment programming impact with the Pathways to Success program. The program is designed to provide, and reinforce, Workforce Readiness within the 100 Black Men Chapter Network, with the end goal of creating a pipeline of our mentees who are ready for corporate careers and/or entrepreneurial endeavors.