In 2018, 100 Black Men of Greater Washington, DC remains committed to expanding our focus on mentoring children and building on the strong foundation that has been established over 23 years of service to our community.  While private industry has constructed a pipeline from the school system to the prison system, we too must build our own machine to counter the negative forces at play.


Middle school is a critical moment in a child’s life, as studies show 68% of all high school drop-outs happen within the first two years of high school. To the extent that we can increase the level of engagement with students, their respective graduation rates will increase. As they matriculate through high school, we will continue to mentor them and maintain a relationship throughout college, developing future mentors to reach back and help others.


Our work and our dedication are needed in our communities now more than ever.  It is imperative that we all contribute our time, energy and resources to mentoring and tutoring the young men and women in our local communities.  We must work together to nurture the next generation of leaders through mentorship and show them that we haven’t forgotten how hard our predecessors fought for our rights and our equality.  The battle continues even today.  Now is the time to get off the sidelines, to roll up our sleeves and to do the work that we know we need to do.


Our motto is “what they see is what they’ll be.”  Make a commitment to be a positive influence in the lives of our youth, who so desperately need role models.  Donate your time, your talent, or your treasure.  I ask you to join us today in the fight for our children, for our community, and for our future.




Ivory Johnson


100 Black Men of Greater Washington, DC


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