The 100 believes that education is the key to opportunity and success.  For this reason, we promote educational excellence and are committed to the encouragement of young people to thrive in this area of their lives.  Reaching out into our communities, we provide scholarships and numerous tutoring programs while members take an active role in primary and secondary education. 

Education is key to self-empowerment and self-esteem.  The “100” believes that all children can learn given the proper resources and commitment from their parents and teachers.  When children are stimulated, motivated and provided a strong support system, they can succeed.  And we know their success ultimately leads to a stronger and brighter future for our communities and our nation.

STEM THE 100 WAY (Separate Folder under Education)

The purpose of “STEM The 100 Way” and Financial Literacy Academy is to dramatically change the life trajectory of the participating students by consistent mentoring and role modeling, reinforcing math and ELA proficiencies and ensuring the students achieve strong appreciation for STEM and personal financial literacy and wealth building through hands-on applications that are fun and increases confidence for at-risk youth in underserved communities in Washington, DC, particularly Ward Eight.

“STEM the 100” Way Academy:

The 100BMGWDC STEM Achievement Academy would consist of 100BMGWDC members and partners that will provide innovative STEM curriculums to students (Grades 9-12) during weekend mentoring sessions throughout the school year. The aim of the Achievement Academy is to service approximately 90 High school students via 4 STEM subject Matter Areas to include:

1.     Biomedical Science

2.     Coding

3.     Remote Controlled Cars & Engineering

4.     Forensic Science

5.     Robotics & Unmanned Technologies


Students would undergo 4 weeks of training sessions in each of the aforementioned STEM areas and up to 2 additional weeks potentially to prepare projects and presentations to be instructed by selected vendors of the STEM Committee and the 100 BMGWDC chapters choosing.