As part of our Economic Empowerment programmatic offerings, 100 Black Men of Greater Washington, D.C. participates in the Wells Fargo’s Hands on Banking program.  The Hands on Banking program covers all the basics of smart money management, with content developed specifically for teens and young adults.

The Hands on Banking program has proven to be an easy and enjoyable way to teach and learn the essentials of financial education: the basics of bank services, the importance of saving, smart money management, using credit responsibly, investing, wealth building, and more. Whether it’s opening a checking account, avoiding identity theft, paying for college, applying for a credit card, or starting a small business, the Hands on Banking program provides real-world knowledge and skills that everyone can use.

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100 Black Men of Greater Washington, D.C. is a non-profit volunteer organization created and run by dedicated Black men committed to the education and advancement of youth of color.  We recognize our responsibility to step up to make a difference in the lives of children in our community, and we hope that you will to. 

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