On behalf of the Collegiate 100 Committee, we are happy to announce two of our very own Howard University Collegiate 100 members won Presidential campaigns for two of the largest schools on the campus of Howard University:


Mekkah Husamadeen:  President of the School of Communications

  • Age:
  • Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Degree being pursued: A in Mass Communications
  • Mekkah is currently the Treasurer of the School of Communications and am a member of the 1867 Undergraduate Assistantship program.
  • Mekkah plans on going to Law school, and following that, working in Entertainment Law.
  • Mekkah’s Thoughts on The Collegiate 100:


“The Collegiate 100 has helped strengthen who I am as a young woman. At all times I am either the only, or one of the few women in the room, but it has only shown me the beauty and power of how great women are. Also, I even feel that I have become, in a way, a ‘big sister’ figure to some of the mentees. The Collegiate 100 has helped my character and confidence.“


Marquis Taylor:  President of the College of Arts & Science

  • Age: 19
  • Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
  • Degree being pursued: Bachelors of Arts in History
  • Marquis is Co-Director of the Bison Guru Mentorship Program, Secretary of the Howard University Chapter of Collegiate 100, Community Service Coordinator for YAALI
  • Upon graduation, Marquis plans to enroll in a PhD program where he will study African American History.
  • Marquis’ Thoughts on The Collegiate 100:


“Being a member of Collegiate 100 has reminded me of my responsibility to serve the larger Washington, DC community. I am reminded of this obligation every other Saturday through serving as a mentor for SLA participants.”


Please join us in congratulating both Collegiate 100 members

on their phenomenal achievements!


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